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Male skin care that leaves your skin clean, clear and healthy

22 Oct 2018 BEAUTY

By : Scelo Hlophe
How often do you take care of your skin as a man? Most guys really don’t put so much effort into ensuring that they look, smell and feel good all the time. It doesn’t take for you to be a Metrosexual guy to start taking good care of your skin and your body in general.
So, weeks ago, I got into a cosmetic store and came across this very nicely designed and packaged kit of the New Nivea for Men Deep collection that includes:
• Face Wash
• Shower Gel
• Body Spray
• Shaving Gel
• After Shave
• Roll on
So I have been trying this out for the past month and I can definitely promise you that this is definitely something you should try out especially if your skin is sensitive to most products and have been struggling with finding what will work out better for your skin.
Firstly, I would like to just talk about the Nivea Face wash Deep Clean.
I have been trying for a while to find something that works perfectly for my face. The Nivea Deep face wash came to my rescue. It cleanses your skin and beard from residues and oil without drying your skin. The Charcoal clears away impurities and removes all dirt and excess oil. If you naturally have oily skin, I definitely advise you to try this out. It also does help protect your skin from drying out. It is worth every cent and very affordable.
My other favorite from this collection had to be the Nivea Men Deep Clean Shower gel. It is definitely for a man who wants to be deeply clean and refreshed. The smell was also something that got my interest and as a man, I definitely challenge you to try this out. It very effective and has a dark wood fragrance that transforms into a white caring form, your skin will be fresh and healthy.
I have always struggled with After shaves as they usually would live my skin and beard area breaking out. I tried this out and the experience I got from it was very impressive. The Nivea Men deep aftershave helps with recovery from shaving irritation leaving you with nothing but a clean and comfortable skin feeling.
As a men taking care of yourself should always be your number one priority, take time for yourself and take care of your skin and body. A special thanks to @symbioticcommunications and @niveasouthafrica

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