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#SignsTheyAreGoodInBed 3 teaspoons

13 Jan 2021 SHOWS

Today’s Wetnesday topic on The Best T in The City was #SignsTheyAreGoodInBed. Can you tell if someone is good in bed just by looking at them? What are some of the subtle signs we should look out for? Has your assessment ever failed you?


#SignsTheyAreGoodInBed 3 teaspoons:

Good Dancers: Many of you don’t want to date abo majaivane but they just know how to seduce you just by the way they move. They have rhythm and a way they swivel their waist. But are they good dancers all round?


Shy but Adventurous: Studies have found that fear is a natural aphrodisiac. Whether that fear comes from bungee jumping or walking alongside a Lion in a game reserve, the feeling that comes with it is quite a turn-on. Those who are reserved but love adventure, they are quiet and reserved but love to take risks are likely to be better in bed, because they live to be thrilled and doing things most wouldn’t dare do.

Their Confidence: If someone is confident in their own skin outside the bedroom, then you know they’re sure as hell confident inside the bedroom, too. The only thing that can mess that up is if they brag especially about how good they are in bed. No one who is good in bed brags about it.


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