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Whats Wrong With Groovin’

Music Curate by DJ Kenzhero & Tha_Muzik

Sundays, 14h00-18h00

Scheduled on:
Sunday 14:00 18:00

A yearning to be free, an enchanting musical journey to recalibrate and reimagine the history of Africa and her people with creative meaning. What Is Wrong With Groovin’ is a dazzling jazz melody composed by trumpeter extraordinaire Hugh Masekela and performed and popularised by the ineffable Letta Mbulu. In this song, Mbulu elevates the immanent need in all human beings – the need for freedom – through music. She sings “Can’t they let me be what I just wanna?” What Is Wrong With Groovin’ embodies the spirit of freedom and the ingenuity of African people to transcend tribulations and create magic. In this show, we trace our sonic lineages, immersing Afropolitans in the treasure trove of language, culture, music, intellectual rigour and production of the people of our continent. The show is curated by DJ Kenzhero and Tha_Muzik, and is compiled and presented as an audio documentary. Listen to What Is Wrong With Groovin’ on Sundays between 14h00-18h00.

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