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Life with Kojo

Presented by Kojo Baffoe

Thursdays, 20h00-21h00

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The world is full of blurry grey areas where things are not always what they seem. Life is not clear-cut. Life cannot be neatly packaged and squeezed into a box. Life is cacophony. It is contradictory, paradoxical and, sometimes, downright confusing. And that’s what makes it beautiful – the questions, the journey to understanding and finding answers that make sense to us.

Life With Kojo Baffoe reflects all of the above and more. It navigates the nooks and crannies of every aspect of life from the frivolous to the serious. It is a manifestation of the random things that go through Kojo Baffoe’s mind and the people and stories behind those thoughts. It is about being naturally curious, engaged and interested.

Life With Kojo Baffoe is conversations, and laughter, and sadness, and construction, and joy, and pain, and hope, and an overwhelmingly optimistic view of the future. It is the balance between past and present.

It is a talk show. It is a video series. It is a podcast. It is stories told across platforms because we cannot be boxed anymore.