Self-care Ideas That Don't Involve You Spending Money Copiously

self-care ideas, self-care, self-care isn't about buying

6 Self-care ideas that don’t involve consumerism


By Nomali Cele

Self-care has been a buzzword in recent years with everyone looking for self-care ideas and ways to take care of themselves. But as the concept has grown in popularity and has gotten increasingly commercialised, most self-care ideas have become about buying things. The concept of self-care is now a long way from its resistance roots, in the 1980s, activist, author and feminist Audre Lorde wrote, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

Self-care shouldn’t be just about pampering and spending money, it should be about doing the “hard stuff” as it will lead to healing or, at the very least, better understanding of the self.

Set boundaries

Caring for yourself means doing things that serve you. Over-extending yourself, be it at work or in your relationships, can be draining and be bad for your wellbeing.

Spend time alone

Outside noise can lead to emotional fatigue; constantly being around people and absorbing their opinions, anxieties and problems is exhausting. So while you are alone, you can spend your time reading, meditating, doing physical activity or doing nothing.

Cull your digital consumption

This relates to reducing outside noise in your life. We live in a digital time and we are constantly plugged in. Digital “detoxes” aren’t for everyone but there are other ways to make the digital space work for you. Look at all your favourite sites and find ways you can mute.

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Take care of your doctors’ appointments

There are no better self-care ideas than going to the doctor. Confirmation of good health is the bonus outcome of the visit to the doctor but should anything be amiss, early detection is always good.

Clear your diary

self-care ideas, self-care, self-care isn't about buying

Always booked and busy? It’s time to tone it down. All the running around you are doing could affect your health (both physical and mental) adversely. Do you really have to go to all those lunches and must you be the one attending those business events? RSVP “no” every now and then and watch the world not end because of it.

Do something about the things you care about

Having a “cause” can give you more meaning in your life. Now that you’ve set your boundaries, have spent time alone and quietened the digital and physical noise in your life, why not push your passions forward? This isn’t only about making yourself feel busy but rather listening to yourself and honouring yourself.

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