Subjects for Grade 10: How to Help Your Child Make This Big Decision

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Help your child select subjects for grade 10

29 Aug 2018 EDUCATION

By Nomali Cele

For parents of learners in grade nine, this is a very important year. This is when these learners are expected to make a decision as to what they want to do with the rest of their high school years and, potentially, the rest of their educational career. Many people pursue qualifications they never use in jobs so the subject selection will not necessarily affect your child’s entire future. But it’s still a big decision.

Your grade nine will either come to you for advice or they won’t; as the parent, you know which of these two categories your child falls under. Even if your child is the independent type, still offer them advice on selecting their subjects for grade 10. Remember that you can try to dictate what they should do but that’s not going to work in the long run. Rather approach them with advice instead of a directive.

Keep the following three things in mind when you help your child select subjects for grade 10 and beyond.

How to select subjects for grade 10: What are your child’s strengths

Learners who are good at academics are The only drawback to the strengths argument is that just because your child is good at something, doesn’t mean they want to pursue it or even should. But looking at their strengths is always a good way to start – if they are good at something, it might be easier for them to simply stick with that stream.


How select subjects for grade 10: What are their plans

There are those children who know exactly who they want to be and what they want to do in life. Most times, those children are also working toward this goal be it business, sport or activism. Keeping in mind your child’s plans for their life, what subjects are necessary for the work they plan on doing?

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How to select subjects for grade 10: Caution

Regardless of what your child wants to do in the future, choosing subjects that are the foundation of education is the cautious thing to do. This means languages and mathematics should be a priority for them.


Whatever the subjects they select for grade 10, your child is still going to need help with their studies. Listen and be on hand to provide the assistance – likely in the form of tutors and extra lessons. Remind your child that you are available to support and assist them.



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