Seipei "Biker Queen" Mashugane on her love for bikes

Seipei “Biker Queen” Mashugane on her love for bikes


By Zuko Komisa

Seipei Mashugane better known as the Biker Queen, joined the #TheDriveThru to share her passion for bikes, a love she’s enjoyed for over 12 years. Her first time getting on a bike was sparked by changes in her life.

The Day She Got on The Bike

“I just decided one day to jump on a motorbike, It was finding self, life had happened, turmoils of life. I think I just wanted something that just gave me the freedom of just being.”

One of the many reasons she loves the open road is the freedom of mobility and she says motorcycle is one of the most affordable ways to move around.

Being A Survivor

She’s also been part of Survivor South Africa, season 7 a show she says her kids entered her for, she says her kids believe she has a wild streak and would be a perfect fit for the adrenaline-filled show. Asked about how she handles tough moments in the show she said you have to always be in the moment.

“The only thing you have when in the game is your brain, and staying in the game means being present as much as possible and making the most of it,”  she says.

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The Joys of being “Biker Queen”

Her excitement when it comes to riding can be felt in her voice as she expressed her love for the open road, who is also a mother of two says it’s all about freedom.

“You will never understand how free you are until you get on the back of a bike, it is the most amazing thing, and then you meet the most amazing people who become your brothers and sisters for life.”

She says when you become a biker you walk into a fraternity where you are accepted for who you are and what you are, where you become what you were intended to be.  She can also be seen on “double up Mzansi” on (ETV) and has been featured on various documentaries like ”My world”, “Riding with the biker Queen” on (BBC) she is also a public speaker with a love for the entertainment industry.

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