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  • The Big Starter with Shane Ngwenya

    The Big Starter with Shane Ngwenya

    03:00 06:00
    Start your day early with a combination of upbeat music and inspiration with Shane Ngwenya.[...]
  • Breakfast with David

    Breakfast with David

    06:00 09:00

    Any morning that doesn’t include Breakfast with David means starting the day without the latest news analysis on the biggest political [...]

  • The Best T in the City

    The Best T in the City

    09:00 12:00
    An audio magazine with the aim of being a one-stop interactive, informative, inspiring educational and empowering show. Topics on the ‘The best T’ not [...]
  • The B Side

    The B Side

    12:00 15:00
    Coveted by audiophiles for its rareness, the B-Side of a single often became popular as well because sometimes a DJ preferred to play the B-side as [...]
  • Uncaptured


    15:00 17:00
    Uncaptured is a fresh and cheeky show with an unorthodox and unapologetic point of view on politics, life, love and everything in between. Uncaptured aims [...]
  • Kaya Bizz

    Kaya Bizz

    17:00 18:00
    At the helm of Gauteng’s biggest business radio show, Kaya Bizz,  is Gugulethu who will be leading the conversation on what is next for the [...]
  • Today with  John Perlman

    Today with John Perlman

    18:00 19:00
    Today with John Perlman features current issues. Thought provoking, paradigm shifting but definitely not your ordinary talk show.
  • Weekdays with Sotho

    Weekdays with Sotho

    19:00 20:00
    This show talks to the listener who cares about issues affecting the home and the family. Here the listener’s opinion is more prominent and valued.
  • The Law Report

    The Law Report

    20:00 21:00
    For legal insights that can help you understand legal puzzles, tune in to the Law Report with Michael Motsoeneng-Bill Wednesdays from 8pm.[...]
  • Late Nights with Sotho Meyer

    Late Nights with Sotho Meyer

    21:00 23:00
    This is a laid-back, jazz and soul-inspired music show that would get you into the right mood as you unwind at the end of a long day.[...]