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  • Sunday Evergreens Soul & Jazz

    Sunday Evergreens Soul & Jazz

    06:00 10:00
    This is an indulgent, specialist show focused on Jazz music, Soul and Gospel Jazz. It’s aimed at creating a journey of sound by fusing music with a common [...]
  • The Art Of Sunday

    The Art Of Sunday

    10:00 14:00
    The show is aimed at bringing the family together by playing unfamiliar tunes from familiar artists, enabling the parent to school their young ones in a [...]
  • Whats Wrong With Groovin’

    Whats Wrong With Groovin'

    14:00 18:00
    A yearning to be free, an enchanting musical journey to recalibrate and reimagine the history of Africa and her people with creative meaning. What Is [...]
  • The World Show with Nicky B

    The World Show with Nicky B

    18:00 22:00
    The World Show is informative, expansive, and largely pan-African. This is a musical journey that bridges generations and genres, travelling across [...]