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SAB Corporate: Zenzele B-BBEE scheme

28 May 2020 FINANCE

The South African Breweries (SAB) wound down its decade long B-BBEE scheme, SAB Zenzele in April.

Launched in 2010, the landmark ownership transaction endeavoured to give our retailer partners- taverners, bottle store owners, retailer customers and our employees, the life blood of our business an opportunity at real ownership in a company that has brought South Africans together for over 125 years.

Upon maturity, the scheme had delivered approximately R14 billion in value for its over 40,000 beneficiaries. This made SAB Zenzele the largest B-BBEE scheme in the history of South Africa in the fast moving consumer goods sector.

SAB is proud to share the stories of some of SAB Zenzele’s beneficiaries with whom value was created.

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