Tips on reinventing yourself for life and the future

Tips on reinventing yourself for life


By Zuko Komisa

One of the most important things you can do for yourself when you are feeling like there is something missing in your life is to go after the thing that matters the most. The cliche of doing the same things and expecting a different outcome is true, it’s important to reinvent yourself from time to time; changing parts of yourself that don’t work for you is key.

Here are a few areas you can start looking at reinventing:

Reinvent your Image

This involves a new wardrobe, having a signature look and redefining how you are perceived by the world. Every now and then retail therapy brings a new lease of life and confidence. This is also important when you are starting a new journey, a new job, new milestone and when you just want to have a new outlook on life.

Tips on reinventing yourself for life and the future

Reinvent your career

The hardest thing for many is taking a major leap of faith and following a path that you’ve always wanted. A change in career and doing something that fills your cup and brings you joy is one of the toughest decisions to make for many.

Begin by setting a goal for what you want out of your next venture and pursue it with gusto. The next year will be a new chapter consider leaving the door open to what may come next and allow it only if it’s what has always been your truest desire.

Reinvent your attitude

This time of the year there is a window for downtime, a moment to reflect and introspect. Use this time wisely to write down your thoughts and what your attitude to life has been in the year past. Successfully reinventing your perspective about how you should approach life moving forward is deeply rooted in acknowledging your previously held beliefs and values.

Spend time deeply pondering this, reading new perspective, getting yourself ready for the journey ahead with a new improved attitude.

Reinvent your life

The most important subject that everyone should obsess about is the knowledge of self. This is usually done through doing a thorough audit of important areas in your life: Your relationships, health, spirituality, finances, lifestyle and personal development.

Write down your feelings about the state of all these areas as well as what you want them to be. Finish off by writing your action plan and follow through.

Tips on reinventing yourself for life and the future

2019 should be a year you do things that frighten you, move you and challenge you. Get ready, it’s going to be a joy ride.

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