Read up on our first #KayaBusinessTravel trip to Rwanda

Read up on our first #KayaBusinessTravel trip to Rwanda


By Zuko Komisa

Kaya Business Travel in partnership with MaZo Connect Invited Entrepreneurs to Rwanda for a Business Exploration Trip meant to connect African Entrepreneurs with each other and give them the chance to explore business opportunities within the African continent.

Reflecting on the inaugural trip, Kaya FM Managing Director, Greg Maloka, expressed his excitement on a successful trip to Kigali, Rwanda.

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“From my perspective the fact that that we were able to do the first #KayaBusinessTravel trip is incredible; this has been another revelation in terms of the possibilities for Africans as we choose to reunite. The fact that we chose Rwanda, and that Rwanda is where it is right now in terms of its mindset, its people, what they wish for themselves, what they wish for the continent, which they have already started in the East Africa Region, is incredible.”

Entrepreneurs met with government officials, business people from Rwanda as well as a business delegation at the Inaugural Golden Business Forum.

Rwanda’s economy has been growing at an annual average of 8% for the last seven years making it the fastest-growing economy in Africa. David O’Sullivan spoke on some of the experiences and lessons learned on the trip in the business-friendly country.

“…There is so much you learn, you learn about the ease with which to do business in this country. There are so many of the entrepreneurs who didn’t know how easy it was to open up a business in Rwanda, now they have made their business contacts. There are many other lessons, but there’s also lessons about, reconciliation and lessons on how a country runs…”

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As part of the trip the entrepreneurs visited the Genocide Museum, National Museum of Rwanda, as well as Lake Kivu.

Sectors that were explored for business opportunities on this trip included; Manufacturing, Agro-Processing, Real Estate and construction, Infrastructure, ICT, Mining, Energy, Education, and Health.

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