Rami Chuene shares her story on Good Friday's #BlomBlom

Rami Chuene shares her story on Good Friday’s #BlomBlom


By Mvangeli Nzuza

Women’s month reached the halfway mark this week and although it has been marred by the constant abuse South African women face daily. Good Friday with Skhumba and Ndumiso decided to lighten the mood by hosting actress, activist and author Rami Chuene on #BlomBlom.  She played the character Pearl on Backstage nearly two decades ago, but recently on The Queen as Gracious Mabuza (TGOM) she’s won many hearts with her believable acting. Rami hilariously recalls her first paid gig as a youngster. She was at a wedding where a song was playing and whilst she got down on the dance floor, money was thrown at her.

She confessed to being a “tom-boy” who played soccer with boys and all of a sudden started to beautifully transform as a woman in puberty. She didn’t embrace this change immediately, but now she’s come into full womanhood she proudly boasts.

And naturally, there’s heartbreak that comes one’s way in the journey of finding oneself… as a young girl now living in Attridgeville, distance caused the demise of her first real relationship.

However the heartbreak that sticks out the most happened when she was much older… and it had a soundtrack, One Last Cry by Brian McKnight – the first song she heard on the radio after the demise of her romance one Sunday afternoon.

Rami was unashamed to share that she has been bankrupt twice at the height of her career and had everything repossessed. “I was selling bread and magwinya from my house. I would walk out of the estate in Dainfern, get onto William Nicol Drive and take a taxi coming from Diepsloot to work in Randburg.”

She ended by saying she has no regrets and when asked how she wants to be remembered, she gave a huge smile and said “I loved life, I loved laughing. I had a zest for life. Despite my flaws, I encouraged others with who I am and not what I do.”

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