Raheem Devaughn on his African adventures and making love music

Raheem Devaughn on his African adventures and making love music


By Zuko Komisa

In an international tour to promote his 6th album, A Decade of Love, R&B sensation Raheenm Devaughn sat down with Bridget Masinga on the #BSide. Devaughn is a three time Grammy nominated artist and is currently on his South African tour.

He spoke briefly about his visit to Ghana where he saw first hand where African slaves were taken from, shackled and brought to America. He has also been doing some humanitarian work across the continent. He paid homage to the queen of soul, Aretha Franklin, and shared the story of how they first met and the song he wrote for her. Raheem shared some wisdom on approaching 40 and what his perspective on life is.

Raheem Devaughn on his African adventures and making love music

Responding to a comment he once made about his music ‘impregnating the world’, he reiterated how his music is a vehicle for love and positivity. With albums like ‘A Place Called Love Land’ (2013), ‘Love Sex Passion’ (2015), and ‘Decade of a Love’ (2018), he continues to make sensual music for the soul.

“I know my music, is the music ‘bad music’ for great vibes, for intimacy, for connecting and good vibrations and I also use my platform for activism.”

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His album has 13 tracks representing 13 years in the music industry. He attributes his success to his constant reinvention and striving to be his best self.

‘Life is about us finding new ways to reinvent yourself and to create the best version of you.”

He wrapped up his interview with an exclusive performance.

Listen to the full conversation here:

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