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Productivity Tools to help you track tasks and collaborate

8 Apr 2019 LIFESTYLE

By Nomali Cele


Making the most of your working hours, whether you are employed full-time or are part of the gig economy, is one of the leading factors for a happy work life. How do you ensure that you are working as effectively as possible? As we’ve become increasingly digitised, there have been countless productivity tools that have flooded the market.

Not all productivity tools are made equally, however. Today we’re talking about the best of the best, which allow both tracking and collaboration. In today’s working landscape, virtual offices are all too common and being able to work together while working apart is a requirement.

Productivity tools for workflow are an important part of today’s work environment. They offer instant oversight of all projects and their current stages, some even offer the ability to assign tasks to different team members


Productivity tools for workflow


Asana comes in mobile and web-based applications and allows teams to prioritise different tasks and set deadlines. Asana is great for breaking up big goals into actionable chunks.


Love lists? Trello is a web-based application that allows you to make digital to-do lists and track each tasks’ progress. This productivity tool is perfect for the team that wants to stay organised while collaborating. Trello also integrates numerous collaboration tools such as Dropbox, google drive, Slack and more.


Airtable prioritises organisation by turning information into spreadsheets and spreadsheets into databases. You can add all kinds of information The views go from calendars to galleries or grids. The cloud-based service can be used to track inventory, for customer relationship management, project planning and more.


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Productivity tools for creativity


Whether you’re designing social media artwork or working on your next client presentation, Canva is a great creative collaboration tool. With the latest update (Canva 2.0) the web-based tool now allows you to invite team members to view and edit designs. Canva For Work allows you to create a single hub for all your ongoing projects where templates can be shared and logos, fonts and colour schemes can be stored.


Google doc

Google docs is quite a popular collaboration tool. Not only are freelancers using it to submit their work and all through during the editing process. But it’s also popular among teens who want to communicate where phones are not permitted.


Productivity tools for screentime tracking

If you feel like you are having too much unproductive screentime, there are no better productivity tools than screentime tracking apps. Scroll culture can make it difficult to be productive but you feel mentally exhausted or over-stimulated as if you are actually working when all you have done is open and close apps and scroll and double tap.

On IOS track your screentime with an app called Freedom; it’s available for iPads, iPhones and Mac. Freedom allows you to create blocklists and schedule time away from certain apps on both your phone and computer. On Android, you can use App Detox, which lets you create rules for limiting access to apps and set schedules. There’s also functionality that requires users to walk in order to earn screentime.


These productivity tools are only the beginning. It’s a big world for those wanting to be productive or collaborate.


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