Productively Working From Home With These Tips
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Be productive when working from home

20 February 2019 FINANCE

By Nomali Cele

Working from home tends to be the first step for many self-employed-freelancers. It’s an option that has many benefits including not paying for a workspace and, when your business is starting out, cutting costs is a priority. However, working from home isn’t always productive. There are just so many temptations that can derail your productivity.


Productively working from home: Follow a routine

Create a schedule and keep to it! When working from home, it’s easy to fall off the routine wagon and only start doing work when you “feel” like it. To be good at productively working from home, you need to start by creating a routine that works for you.

Are you no good working first thing in the morning? Why not dedicate your morning to doing household chores, going to the gym, going to meetings and start your work day a bit later? Being self-employed means you are able to optimise your hours to suit you, take advantage of it!


Productively working from home: Separate your workspace

Having a designated work area will do wonders to programme your brain into realising that it should be in work mode. Sitting at a desk instead of working on the sofa while something plays in the background, will increase your productivity.

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Productively working from home: Keep a full work day

This simply means allowing yourself downtime during the workday. Have a full lunchtime, take 10 minutes to watch that funny video your beloved sent you on WhatsApp. Just take breaks during your day so you can be fulfilled in your work day. Taking a break will also give an extra kick of motivation to do a little bit more work.


Productively working from home: Leave the office

Most business people will tell you that working for yourself means putting in long hours and doing anything and everything required to keep your business going. But this isn’t always the best course of action. It’s necessary that you unplug from your work, even as a freelancer that works from home.


Working overtime and late hours to meet a deadline is one thing. Bringing your dinner and entertainment to your desk is another, very destructive, thing.

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Productively working from home takes commitment and is a balancing act. Too much of one thing can be detrimental to your work process and threaten your self-employment. Don’t work too much and don’t relax too much.

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