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pregnancy must-haves

Pregnancy must haves for every trimester

16 Nov 2020 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary

pregnancy must-haves

The lockdown baby boom may have caught many unsuspecting couples by surprise and if you are expecting your little bundle as a result, first things first congratulations, now let’s get you prepared. Each trimester of pregnancy is a milestone that should be enjoyed and celebrated. As you watch your body going through the incredible changes to accommodate your growing baby, here’s a list of must-haves for each trimester.


First trimester 

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy is the longest and hardest. Because miscarriage is so high during the early stages, it is important for new expectant moms to get as much rest as possible and to limit strain on her body. 


First signs of pregnancy are usually a missed period, nausea, in some cases vomiting, and fatigue. Although some women go through the first trimester without any symptoms. (Lucky ones) Having these items on hand in the early stages of pregnancy can make all the difference. 


  1. At-home pregnancy tests – Whether you’re trying for a baby or not, having pregnancy kits in your bathroom cabinet is a necessity. Don’t forget to test a few days after your first missed period. If results are negative and you still have not started your cycle, take another test, and then consult your doctor with any concerns. 
  2. Salty crackers – Helps with nausea. Sometimes all you’re able to stomach in the first trimester are dry, salty crackers. 
  3. Ginger ale/tea – Any ginger infused beverage is your best friend during pregnancy. In some rare cases, nausea persists throughout the 40 weeks, and sipping on either ginger tea or ginger ale can help. 
  4. Comfortable sports bras – Your body aches and your breasts feel sore. Regular bras may not be comfortable and the underwire may further hurt. Sports bras are your best bet, providing support without squashing your growing breasts. 
  5. Pants with stretchy waistbands – These are essential throughout pregnancy. 
  6. Tissue oil – Lather your belly and breasts morning and night to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. 


Second trimester 

This is generally when most women start to feel their best. Once the first trimester has passed you may opt to announce your pregnancy to family and friends. The 13th to 26th week of pregnancy should be when you begin planning for the baby’s arrival. We’ll share a list of baby’s must-haves in a later post, the reason for this post is to help mom win at pregnancy. 

pregnancy must-haves


  1. All-natural grooming products – Because your skin and hair can become dry and brittle during pregnancy, herbal bath and grooming products can remedy this. Your skin could become sensitive and possibly break-out and you may need to switch up your skincare routine and try a milder product. 
  2. Maternity wear – While some women love the changes to their bodies, some struggle with not fitting into any of their favorite clothes and styles. Tough as it is to transition through, it’s important to stay positive and think about how incredible your body is. You’re growing a baby. Your baby. Find comfortable maternity wear and treat yourself to some new shoes that will make it easy on your ankles. 
  3. Water bottle – Carry a 1-liter water bottle everywhere you go. You get thirsty when you’re pregnant and you don’t want to risk dehydration, especially in Summer with these extreme South African heatwaves. 
  4. A C/U curve pillow – Those body-sized pillows that fit the curve of your body can help you sleep better during pregnancy. 
  5. Healthy snacks – The pregnancy munchies hit during the 2nd trimester and while it’s tempting to give in to those cravings, snacking healthily is important for both you and baby. Have all your fresh fruit and veg portioned and stored in tubs in the fridge. Opt for low-sodium popcorn instead of a bag of heavily salted crisps. 
  6. Yoga playlists – While there are some women who workout throughout their pregnancy, there may be a few who simply can’t due to possible risks to the baby. Moderate yoga is one workout that isn’t overly strenuous on your joints and can help with getting baby to shift if breached and during labor. Practicing yoga during your pregnancy is a good way to keep your body flexible for an easier birth too. 


Third Trimester 

The final stretch. Quite literally. You’re almost there and weeks 27 to 40 are usually when reality starts setting in. This is happening. Nesting syndrome takes over and expectant moms start frantically preparing for baby. It may seem overwhelming but it’s important to put yourself first during the last few weeks.


Budgeting becomes a priority and your focus shifts to all the necessities for the baby, but the third trimester can feel like an eternity. It’s usually the most uncomfortable time during pregnancy and mom must take the time to pamper and spoil herself a little. 


Something as simple as a pedicure can feel like a slice of heaven to a woman who can’t touch her toes, let alone see them when she stands. The third trimester should be spent mentally preparing for the new journey ahead and resting as much as can be allowed. 


When maternity leave kicks in, it gives you some time to get in the things you’ve been putting off, so we suggest:


  1. A good book to consume you. Pregnancy and parenting books will come in handy, although most moms swear that authors did not have their kids in mind when penning these nuggets. 
  2. If you’re home-bound more during this time, have a good series and music playlist on standby. 
  3. Herbal gels for massaging onto swollen ankles or just to bring on relaxation. 
  4. Yoga bands. By now, movement has become more challenging and stretching is recommended to aid labor. Yoga bands and blocks can help pregnant moms to remain as flexible as possible, safely. Widen the pelvis with deep squats and lunges as much as possible. Go online and check out yoga for pregnancy to help you along. 
  5. REST. When baby gets here things will get a little more chaotic and time escapes you. Get in as much quiet time as you can before his/her arrival.


The list is just a guide and may not include all your needs, wants, or must-haves. If there are must-haves that works for you, please share them with us by tweeting @KayaFM95dot9 using the hashtag #KayaOnline. 

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