Post-delivery workouts to help get your strength back

Post-delivery workouts

Post-delivery workouts to help get your strength back


By: Natasha Archary


 No one understands the insane pressure new moms find themselves under, other than a mom. Bombarded with unwanted and often unneeded advice on how to care for the new bundle, many new moms find themselves stressed and overwhelmed.


We hate the “bounce-back” to your pre-pregnancy body articles, because let’s be honest it’s not realistic. A large majority of moms find it difficult to snap back into shape after baby. Regardless of the type of delivery, the recovery period is often rushed because it’s expected that the mom fill her role of primary nurturer immediately.


If there’s one thing being a mother teaches you, it’s how to maneuver through life on minimal to no sleep, zero caffeine (especially if you’re breastfeeding) and absolutely no energy. You’re drained. Physically, mentally and emotionally.


The important thing to remember is that you have to give your body time. To adjust, to heal, to rest. Listen to your body, if you can barely manage to get out of bed for a week, then know that’s where you need to be and don’t force the issue. But if you need to get your strength back and when you’re ready to feel yourself again, these post-delivery workouts can help you boost endurance.

Post-delivery workouts
Workout when the baby sleeps

As a new mom, the saying “sleep when the baby sleeps”, does not bring about magical harp induced sleep on command. In fact, most moms spend this time cooking, cleaning or taking some time to themselves. It’s hectic to manage the time a newborn goes down for a nap.


If sleep evades you during these precious few minutes, use the time to build your strength with guided post-baby workouts. Your pelvic floor changes after birth and many women report a degree of incontinence (involuntarily peeing), discomfort during sex and general muscle weakness so start with something as small as a kegel routine.


Yoga and pilates is another great workout for new moms. Where yoga aims to improve flexibility and improves muscle tone, pilates works to relax tense muscles, providing strength to the body.


Remember to take it easy

Before commencing with a workout routine, get the go ahead from your gynae. You don’t want to risk tears to any stitches you may have or cause an infection from the sweating. Once you have the green light, you can start making gradual changes to your daily routine with your newborn.


Light strolls around the neighbourhood with baby in the stroller. A quiet day at the park so you can make use of the communal gym equipment. Being outdoors can do wonders for a new mom as cabin fever can set in after a few weeks.


If you feel up to a challenge you can add in some light weights to build upper body resistance. Emily Skye has some incredible post-baby workouts in her program. She stuck to her modified training plan after her first baby and a few months in, saw results.


South African fitness experts, Letshego Zulu and Lisa Raleigh also swear by a healthy eating plan to help boost energy after baby. The key is to work at it consistently and at your own pace. It’s not a race to get back into shape after baby. You should use the time to bond and find a rhythm with this whole mommy thing.


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