Porsche perfection - The 2019 Macan

Porsche perfection – The 2019 Macan

31 Jul 2019 MOTORING

By: Melinda Ferguson


Porsche Macan

The premium compact sport SUV segment has got a whole lot posher with the arrival of the refreshed Porsche Macan. Melinda Ferguson got to dream big for a day.


I am always fascinated by how manufacturers come up with the names for their metal kids. Porsche chose the name “Macan” which means “tiger” in Indonesian and since its introduction to the global market in 2014, this compact SUV has proved to be a big cat money spinner for the German luxury car manufacturer.  With over 400 000 units sold in five years worldwide, the Macan revs high in the hotly contested premium compact SUV market which sees the likes of the Range Rover Evoque and BMW X3 battling it out for market share.

Earlier this year the refreshed “tiger” roared its way into local showrooms and I had the pleasure of testing the compact SUV on mountain passes and straights in the windy Cape. Packed with high tech, premium finishes and a signature Porsche powertrain, these are my 5 top features and innovations:



With two derivatives to choose from, the Macan 2.0-litre, (the model we drove on launch) impresses with 180 kW and 370 Nm torque. Clearly the Macan S 3.0-litre, with its beasty V6 engine is the model for petrol-heads as it surges ahead with peak outputs of 260 kW and 480 Nm.

But don’t underestimate the feisty 2.0 litre turbo-charged 4-cylinder engine which comfortably eats tar from 0-100kms in just 6.7 seconds. It’s a dream to drive with its revamped chassis, supported by Porsche’s signature seven-speeddual-clutch PDK transmission and all wheel drive system.

Two options I’d highly recommend are the Sport Chrono package, which sharpens throttle and gear-changing response and the GT steering wheel, borrowed from the iconic 911, which gives the already quick Macan even more of a racer feel, inspiring speed and nifty steering on bends and corners.

Touchscreen and connectivity 

The hi-tech 10.9 inch touchscreen dominates the dash, it’s increased in size by more than 3 inches. The integrated Porsche Communication Management (PCM) platform allows drivers to utilise Voice Control and be permanently connected to the internet via your smartphone which makes using apps like Google Maps and accessing messages and emails really easy.

Being a bit of a social media queen, I was particularly intrigued by the novel idea of an off-road app which allows you to track your off-road driving and share it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Fame at last.


Premium finishes 

Expect nothing less than the best from the Zuffenhausen-based manufacturer. Luscious Alcantara leather seats give the cabin a top notch premium feel while seat bolsters are high quality leatherette. Of course the steering wheel, selector lever and armrests are all in leather.

Exterior-wise the updated Macan is adorned with standard LED headlights that can be specced up with Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS), to adapt to and control light distribution. Perhaps the most noticeable new exterior features are the 3-part, three-dimensional LED light strips on the rear end and new brake lights with their four-point design.         

Porsche 2019
Bootspace and clearance

The Macan is a generous 5-seater with an impressive 500-litres of boot space which makes it really attractive if you’re in the market for a premium sport family car. Although I would hate to bash my Mac around the bush, with 182 mm of ground clearance, some not too hectic off road driving is clearly an option.


Colour palette

Like most women, for me colour is a big deal when choosing a car. There’s Dolomite Silver Metallic, Carmine Red and the Azure Miami Blue which is a real head turner. But being a bit of a drama queen, the metallic Mamba Green totally captured my heart.



Pricing: Porsche Macan 2.0 – R849 000,00

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