Pepper Pig's big day out at Emperor's Palace

Peppa Pig’s big day out

25 Sep 2019 FAMILY

By: Natasha Archary


Peppa Pig

The talkative, inquisitive little pig every child loves and every parent hates re-runs off is in town. Oink, oink. The Johannesburg leg of the family fun tour ends on the 29th September, so there’s still a few days of muddle-puddle jumps and pink piggy goodness.


The Theatre of Marcellus, Emperors Palace, sets the stage for Peppa and her family to enjoy a big day out. With familiar sing-alongs and interaction from little boys and girls, Peppa, her brother George, together with mommy and daddy pig have quite an adventure.


Buckets of surprises

I was a little disappointed that the story for Peppa’s big day out was exactly the same as last year’s show. I suppose it’s a whole new show with a child who’s aged a year since but I’m sure there were other moms and dads who felt the same as I did. If you’re paying a pretty package for a family of four, to watch a repeat show can leave you feeling a little cheated.


That said, the kids will have fun singing along to the “Bing-Bong Song”, looking for Polly parrot and Mr. Dinosaur who both go missing. There are opportunities to meet and greet Peppa and her family after the show at an additional cost and this must have been a treat for those who did.

Peppa Pig

Image: SASPA


The interactive elements of the show are a huge plus, with the audience engaging with props like beach-balls and bubbles and of course the light up wands that every kid has to have before they go in.


Peppa Pig still has a hold on us

Whether your child watches Peppa Pig on Nick Jr, you have a social media account, are active on YouTube or are breathing, you would have seen Peppa Pig on some online platform. Either in a meme, or on a YouTube video or as mentioned above, during one of those marathon re-runs the kids can’t seem to get enough of.


The hype around this British pig isn’t dying down anytime soon. So, get your dose of pig-friendly entertainment and book your tickets now.


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