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Episode 1 – iKota

24 Aug 2018 Peas In A Pod


The memory of buying lunch at a tuck shop during primary school is palpable. It would typically be at a barely standing shack on its last legs on the school’s yard. I can almost see everybody elbowing forth to claim  the much anticipated delicacy at five rand a pop. During that time, it would be a simple configuration of quarter bread stuffed with curried mash potatoes, mince and mango atchaar.


The tradition behind  iKota is a bit sketchy, but it sure is a no brainer that it was born out of necessity and circumstance. In this episode these circumstances are explored within the perfect locale – Protea Glen in Soweto. As a piece of food that mirrors its surroundings, iKota has evolved to become a culinary design piece.


From being an invention created out of necessity within the ranks of Soweto’s working class, to being a gourmet dish assimilated by the mainstream food establishment. This episode looks Kota’s life cycle with the assistance of supreme kota chef, Rhulani Shibambo.