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Peas in a pod-Fordsburg-when the east came to Joburg

27 Aug 2018 Peas In A Pod

Episode 3 – Fordsburg – when the east came to Joburg

A younger version of myself can’t help but be reminiscent of Saturday afternoon trips to the legendary Majestic cinema in Fordsburg with my late father. The trek from Ndofaya, Soweto to Fordsburg for a flick made an impression that was to last, via blockbusters such as Rocky, Lethal Weapon, The Untouchables and other kitschy varieties. And just like today, a whiff of the air was always heavy with a scent of inviting Masala.

As greater Joburg gets gentrified quicker than you can say short left or after robots while aboard a local taxi, one thing is certain, Fordsburg has kept its essence intact. Today Fordsburg is a culmination of flavours gathered over time. This flavour footprint is left behind by immigrants.

Dr Vashna Jaganarth, a keen researcher and think tanker takes us through the Kaleidoscope that is Fordsburg, and most importantly what it has meant to Joburg’s palette. This episode also has Pakistani born  Sajeed Ali and owner of Taj Mahal Tikka reminiscing about his home country. The journey also leads us to the Quranic serenade of street busker known as Tariq.