Pan-African music business conference, ACCES is going to Accra, Ghana
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Pan-African music business conference ACCES is going to Accra, Ghana

5 Nov 2019 MUSIC

By Zuko Komisa

The Music In Africa Conference For Collaborations, Exchange and Showcases, or simply ACCES is happening in Accra this year between the 28th and 30th of November.

The Conference is well known for offering a platform for music industry players from across the continent to exchange ideas, discover new talent and accelerate the shaping of the vibrant music sector on the continent

The conference officially launched in 2017 and is held in a different African city every year attracting delegates from over 40 countries.

Music In Africa, Project Manager, Violet Maila, recently joined #KayaBreakfast to share more on the ACCES conference.

“It’s a great platform for music industry players in the African Diaspora to come together and collaborate. The Music In Africa foundation hosts this as one of our flagships projects. It’s very much the biggest pan-African conference that exists, and it allows for musicians to showcase; as well musicians and industry players internationally to gather in one space, “ she says.

This year between the 28th -30th of November, ACCES will be offering goers a dynamic program of training workshops, panel discussions, presentations, live performances, networking sessions, exhibitions and visits to key music industry hubs in the host city.

ACCES is free to all Africans. However, online registration is mandatory.

Here is a preview of what you can expect at this year’s ACCES Conference in Accra, Ghana.