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Online safety for children during the holidays

28 Dec 2017 Parent

By Tony Trollip

This a much discussed subject, that is worthwhile to revisit often. There are a few rules that I personally like to provide parents and caregivers.
Rule #1– Get involved and be informed. Too often as parents we abdicate the well being of our children to the internet and I personally have found that this can be addressed by informing parents of options and tools to that can assist and guide.

Rule #2 – Be open to anything that your child presents you. Personally I would rather be silently shocked at what my child found and redirect their interest, than my child never telling me about what they have seen or experienced.

Rule #3 – Try before you buy. Once you have a better understanding of what you want to filter block start looking for technology that will assist you in achieving this goal. Too often, I find that people will purchase competence, which binds you to a technology or system using terminology that only applies to that system.  So, have a list of things that you want to manage, and test.

So onto the technology.
Get informed:
Microsoft Devices:

There are some routers at home that offer some protection at the ‘gate’, here are two examples. Once again, try before you buy.

Now I am sure that there are quite a few devices and software out there, I picked the two most common routers I have been asked about.