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Off-peak travel

Off peak travel: Why it makes sense to travel before the annual rush

16 Aug 2018 TRAVEL

By: Natasha Archary


Local travel off-peak

Can you believe we’re almost done with August 2018. Another two weeks left and we’ll be sailing into the warmer months of the year, in anticipation of the annual break. This period usually sends holidaymakers into a frenzy trying to secure a local travel destination and escape our landlocked concrete jungle.


Is peak travel in the country really what you want to put yourself through, kids in tow? Packed beaches, restaurants, facilities and activity venues just makes for one chaotic holiday. And a break should be anything but a stress-fuelled time.


This is why off peak travel makes sense. You don’t have to deal with the mad rush that is December and can actually enjoy your local travel destination in comfort.


Off-peak travel made easy

Have you ever been to Cape Town or Durban in December? It’s a nightmare to never relive. You can never find parking, anywhere, the prices of fares for every “touristy” thing is hiked up to almost double standard off peak rates, you’ll forget you’re still in South Africa.


Don’t do that to yourself. Convincing crabby children that this is going to be such fun, when inside you’re kicking yourself for doing family vacay all wrong. There’s an easier way. Travelling in September is so much easier.


With most schools closing for a spring break, it’s the perfect opportunity to zip away for a few days.


Saving more than your sanity

Savings from off peak holidays can see you doing so much more with your family. With costs for hotels in Cape Town city centre for example, dropping to about 25% in January as opposed to the 45% hike around December.


Many restaurants and activity venues also have peak and off peak price lists as well, something to be mindful off. You want to do as much as possible when you’re in a city you love or have never been before. Planning your day during the off peak period means hassle-free bookings and there will less chance of a last minute cancellation (due to over-booking).


Something to keep in mind is that Durban is warm and inviting even in Winter. It may get a little chilly at night but it’s tolerable for us inner city folks. Other coastal cities like George and East London make for the perfect holiday destination from June to September as well. With temperatures in the moderate range, you’re guaranteed some sunny days taking in the views and relaxing on the beach.


We’ll bring you reasons to travel off peak internationally soon. So watch this space.

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