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Nigeria should never host African Champs again – Julius Yego

1 Aug 2018 SPORT

Tempers flared at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos when the Kenya delegation learnt they wouldn’t reach Asaba before the start of the African Senior Athletics Championships. The Kenyans were making their second attempt at reaching the venue which will host the week long competition but have been stuck at the airport for over two days now.  However they were not the only country stranded in Lagos with limited information on whether a flight to the Delta State will be available to transport them to the competition.

Once the airport staff informed travelers that the last flight they had been promised would not fly out, the inside of the airport terminal became a mini war zone as harsh words and blows were exchanged. The Kenyans are threatening to withdraw from the competition altogether.

Kenya’s threat to pull out was made after airport officials refused to give guarantees that a flight would get the athletes to the venue in time for the competition which gets underway on Wednesday the 1st of August. What made it worse was that most of the athletes, from the different countries, hadn’t had enough rest or training since arriving in Nigeria.

Kenya’s Olympic silver medalist javelin thrower, Julius Yego says Nigeria shouldn’t be given the rights to host such tournaments.

“This is the worst organized event in Africa and the world. We don’t even know if we will compete. For those who will be competing, there will be no Kenyans because we haven’t arrived at the place of the competition. Nigeria shouldn’t be given such competitions to arrange, they are poor in organizing,” says Yego.

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