'Nguwe' hit-maker Ntando on his appreciation of music. #BlomBlom
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‘Nguwe’ hit-maker Ntando on his appreciation of music. #BlomBlom

1 March 2019 MUSIC

By Zuko Komisa

Afro-Soul Musician Ntando Bangani joined Good Friday’s Skhumba and Ndumiso for this week’s #BlomBlom and they had a candid conversation about his music career.

In the interview he recalled how he decided to follow his passion as a musician and how he spent most of his time perfecting his skills as a musician

“When I was in school, I would go to the studio, I did this from Grade seven, over eight years I would do this, spending all my time making music. I eventually got used to this. I got my big break from Nhlanha of Mafikizolo.”

He spoke of the time he was not a prominent feature on the local music scene and his realisation after leaving TS Records that the music game is a team sport.

“After I left TS Record, in 2007, I did an album called “Uhambo Lwami.” It had very nice songs but didn’t do well because I didn’t understand the business side of things. “

He wrapped up the interview affirming the importance of putting African music on the map and how proud he is of his Xhosa heritage. Listen to the full conversation here:

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