New Year in February: How to Restart Your Year with a Bang

new year in February

Starting your year with a bang in February


By Nomali Cele

A surprising thing has been happening in recent years: At the end of January, most people rejoice! They say they’re finally ready to start their year. With one of the longest and most difficult months of the year behind them, most people are ready to finally embrace a new year in February.

For many, January is an overwhelming month. From the school run to returning back to reality after the silly season, the month can be quite disjointed and always requires a bit of readjusting.

The transition into suddenly being in in a new yet quite familiar reality on which many expectations are hung, is enough to overwhelm you. This is also a reason why many New Year’s resolutions fail: January never feels like real life. Instead it’s as if everyone is stuck in a twilight zone where they’re taking counterproductive actions, which end up sabotaging any chance of success with goals or resolutions.


So, what you going to do differently this second new year?


Why it’s great to start your New Year in February

February, unlike January, is a more realistic time of the year to get into a higher gear with your goals for the rest of the year. When you bid an ending year farewell, it’s quite easy to get caught up and set unrealistic expectations.

Restarting your year in February allows you to take an honest approach to things. With January as your trial period, you are able to evaluate which

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How to start your New Year in February

Which habits were you able to maintain? This is a good place to start your second chance New Year. If one of your goals was money-related, take stock of all the positive habits you built during January and find a way to carry them forward. Did you spend less on non-essentials such as takeaways or unbudgeted expenses? Imagine how much you can save if you maintain the same attitude.

According to studies, it take 21 days to build a habit. So if you set a resolution to read every night but only managed a few nights in January, keep counting! See February as a way to build on what (perceived) little you have done so far. Don’t discard the positive strides taken in the previous month.

Go out and get the supplies and sow the fertile ground for bringing a lunchbox daily. Has your snoozing gotten less and each morning? Stick to that alarm clock, you might just find yourself waking up even before it goes off.


Here’s to New Year in February!