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Suzuki Auto unveils the new Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Dzire

8 Jun 2018 MOTORING

By Nomali Cele

Suzuki Auto South Africa is “the people’s brand” having won the Brand of the Year award in the Consumer Awards two years running in 2017 and 2018. Now Suzuki is launching the new Suzuki Swift and new Dzire.


The Suzuki Swift and Dzire have been intricately linked by more than just being from the same manufacturer since inception. For the first two generations, the Dzire was known as the Suzuki Swift Dzire. This, of course, created a bit of confusion in the market. Well, no more! This week Suzuki Auto South Africa launched the new Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Dzire models.

In the Suzuki Swift, you will catch “feels”

The Swift has always skewed young and Suzuki is leaning into that perception and positioning the new Suzuki Swift as the go-to car for millennials. And what do we know about working millennials? They are often city dwellers who juggle a number of roles and their lives tend to kick into full gear after the nine to five. Not to mention the weekends spent driving cross their cities. The new Suzuki boasts the familiar by keeping the Swift’s very popular K12M engine.


The new Swift is much roomier than previous generations. Having shortened the length of the car and made it wider (by 10 mm and 40 mm respectively), Suzuki has made the car a comforting way to meet the world. The inside of the new Suzuki Swift was pleasantly surprising in that it’s more accommodating than it looks.

Taking a road trip with the gang? The front seats have been redesigned and now offer firmer support to the driver and front passenger, making those long drives that much more comfortable. The car offered a smooth ride on Durban’s sometimes adventurous routes, which supports the idea that was built for the fast-paced city life.

new suzuki swift, kaya fm motoring

new suzuki swift, kaya fm motoring

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A driver’s toys

The Suzuki Swift has always prioritised the driver’s experience and there’s nowhere where this is more visible than in the new steering wheel, which has is more sporty. Overall, the dashboard looks sporty and has a young feel to it, it’s no wonder it was a finalist in the 2018 Urban World Car of the Year awards.


Coming  in six colours, the new Sukuzi Swift is priced as follows:

Suzuki Swift 1.2 GA Manual R159, 900 (including VAT)

Suzuki Swift 1.2 GL Manual R175, 900 (including VAT) Is available at a special launch price of R169, 900

Suzuki Swift 1.2 GL AMT R189, 900 (including VAT)     


The Suzuki Dzire is now independent of the Swift!

The Suzuki Dzire now goes by just that name without the “Swift” part but still has the same features loyal customers have come to love, features that have made it the most popular sedan in the B-segment. The Dzire is still the Dzire, with a few key upgrades for this new generation

The new Suzuki Dzire is still a family dream

Have a car seat or two and school bags that need lugging daily? The Dzire is still built around families and making daily travel comfortable. The new model has taken the comfort of rear passengers into account and has increased space in the cabin, creating more comfort for the people at the back. The space between the front and back seats has grown by 55 mm, shoulder width for rear passengers as increased by 15 mm while shoulder width in the front has increased by 10 mm of additional. As a tall person, I was pleasantly surprised by the space my knees enjoyed even before moving the seat back.

Whether packing for a weekend away or the daily school and extramural activities run, the boot space on the Dzire has increased significantly. There’s been an increase of 78 litres more boot space to 378 litres of boot space.

 new suzuki dzire, kaya fm motoring

new suzuki dzire, kaya fm motoring

Fuel efficiency

The biggest news regarding the Suzuki Dzire is how much more fuel efficient it is. According to Suzuki, the car being 75kg lighter than previous generations makes it that much more fuel efficient with numbers. Testing showed that fuel consumption on the new Dzire is 4.9 litres / 100 km for both manual and automated manual.


The Suzuki Dzire comes in seven colours and is priced as follows:

Suzuki Dzire 1.2 GA Manual R161, 900 (including VAT)

Suzuki Dzire 1.2 GL Manual R177, 900 (including VAT)

Suzuki Dzire 1.2 GL AMT R191, 900 (including VAT)


The Suzuki Swift and Suzuki Dzire are still from the same family and the new models do share a trait. Both cars will give you a feel for Suzuki’s new HEARTECT platform, which both cars were built on. Both cars come with Suzuki’s promotional five-year / 200 000 km mechanical warranty and a two-year / 30 000 km service plan.


Suzuki on the new HEARTECT platform:

The new platform is designed to use high-tensile and ultra-high tensile steel and has fewer joints than a traditional monocoque chassis. This creates a smooth shape and very stiff construction that helps to better dissipate energy in a crash, thus preserving the integrity of the cabin and keeping the occupants safe.


Photography is by Suzuki Auto South Africa, featuring the GL versions of both the new Suzuki Swift and the new Suzuki Dzire

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