Natural remedies to keep you going this winter

Natural remedies to keep you going this winter


By Zuko Komisa

Winter is not everyone’s favourite season, probably due to all the colds and flu, dry skin and the many layers of clothes you have to wear. It’s a chilly season and it helps to be prepared for the cold that occasionally creeps up on you. It’s a time for cosy onesies, scarves, boots, lemon teas and a sensitive office air-con administrator.

Tips on common winter sicknesses 


Prevention is usually better curing your self. This winter wash your hands regularly, to avoid picking up germs from touching contaminated surfaces used by other people, such as light switches, escalators and door handles. Don’t forget keep the house and any household items clean. When you have a cold use disposable tissues instead of fabric handkerchiefs to avoid constantly reinfecting your own hands.

Sore throat

Change of season means changes in temperature, which affects the throat. If this happens, gargle with warm salt water, the anti-inflammatory properties will kickstart the healing process.


Get a flu vaccine, this will give you good protection against flu and lasts for one year. if you have flu, stay home, avoid infecting your innocent colleagues.

Dry and ashy Skin

Winter will make your skin dry and ashy, this happens because the environmental humidity is low. You have got to make moisturising a priority in winter if you don’t want your skin to easily get dry, this acts as a sealant to stop the skin’s natural moisture evaporating away. Do it after your bath or shower while your skin is still moist, and again at bedtime. During your baths or showers, avoid drying your skin with super hot water, make it lukewarm, this will make you less ashy.

What to always have in the house this winter

Vitamin C – Oranges, supplements, cauliflower, lemons, broccoli, strawberries, cabbage, peaches, kiwi, tomatoes

Tea – Any type of cold needs you to drink lots of fluid, tea help replenish you. Get Chamomile, ginger and green tea. Cinnamon and Chai Tea is perfect for easing the pain of a dry and sore throat.

Garlic – It contains antiseptic properties that strengthen your immune system. Boil cloves and add it to a soup, it works.

Ginger & Honey – A perfect combination for every winter, eating ginger raw or drinking ginger tea are both popular natural home remedies for colds.

Get ready, Winter Is Here!