My Pregnancy Journey App for Africa’s women

My Pregnancy Journey App for Africa’s women

1 Dec 2020 LIFESTYLE

By Zuko Komisa

It is estimated that over a million babies are born in South Africa alone, an insight that inspired Jacqueline Rogers to create a platform for mommies. She started her entrepreneurial journey 12 years ago when she fell pregnant.

Jacqueline joined Kaya Breakfast to talk about her pregnancy app and a mobile solution called My Pregnancy Journey.

“Through my journey, I realised that there was a gap in supplying reliable pregnancy information that is focused on Africa and the unique challenges our women face.”

Jacqueline says through her research she found that Africa has one of the highest rates of adolescent pregnancies, HIV infection as well as birth deaths, and has found that this is mostly due to a lack of information.

A companion in your pregnancy journey

The app provides loads of important information covering everything through all stages.

“We’ve personalised the app to show what stage of the pregnancy a woman is, if you’re starting out we tell you when to take a pregnancy test, how it works. We’ve got a lot of natural remedies too. A mother at 2 months will get different information to a mother of 2 weeks. We’ve done gynae videos, yoga videos, and produced 287 articles, covering everything pregnancy from A to Z.”

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The app has over 30 different features and also has a journal where a mother can document her entire journey, as well as a Dad section that took over 2 years to put together. There’s also a section that details what needs to happen in case of an emergency birth at home.

Support during adolescent pregnancy

The My Pregnancy Journey App is also an important tool for adolescents who receive no support from their families during their pregnancy.
The My Pregnancy Journey app will be available on app stores, Google Play Store and the Apple iStore.



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