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no responses. 20/02/2020 Zuko

N-Thralling with the i30 N

By Melinda Ferguson  Hyundai South Africa recently threw a huge party, inviting national motoring media, […]


no responses. 27/01/2020 Zuko

Lexus Perfection

By Melinda Ferguson  With our planet literally burning, sustainable driving is a no brainer. Melinda […]


no responses. 19/12/2019 Natasha

2019 Rides I’d buy

By: Melinda Ferguson    After spending the year test-driving over 50 vehicles, here are 6 […]


no responses. 12/12/2019 Natasha

Hyundai Venue hits the South Africa’s roads

By: Natasha Archary   Cheeky with a good-looking rear and the guts to enter a […]


no responses. 20/11/2019 Zuko

Mad Merc Speed

By Melinda Ferguson  After spending a week in the super-powerful V8 Mercedes-AMG C63 S Melinda […]


no responses. 11/10/2019 Zuko

The New Premium Audi A1

By Melinda Ferguson Disappointed that she missed the national launch of the Audi A1, Melinda […]


no responses. 20/08/2019 Zuko

The Hierarchy of Maserati

By Melinda Ferguson For a day Melinda Ferguson got to experience the full-throttle of the […]


no responses. 31/07/2019 Natasha

Porsche perfection – The 2019 Macan

By: Melinda Ferguson   The premium compact sport SUV segment has got a whole lot […]


no responses. 19/06/2019 Natasha

Ntlhe Mahlatsi is one of the youngest names in SA Motor Journalism #YoungGiftedBlack

By: Natasha Archary   One of the freshest voices to come out of campus radio […]


no responses. 23/05/2019 Zuko

Spinning Queen Stacey-lee May and her need for speed

By Zuko Komisa Spinning Queen Stacey-lee May recently joined The Drive Thru to share her […]