Men and women weigh in on the ideal body type

Ideal body type

Men and women weigh in on the ideal body type

18 Mar 2019 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary


When it comes to sex appeal, what drives men crazy and keeps a woman drooling? Without objectifying either of the genders, physicality is a huge factor whichever way you choose to spin it. But what each gender feels is the perfect body type for their respective gender, is not what the opposite sex agrees to.

Cover girls and male models

Perfect body type men and women

Believe it or not but both men and women have body insecurity issues. Body dismorphic disorder  affects 1.7 to 2.4 % of the general population. That’s roughly 1 in 50 people, thinking about their real or perceived flaws throughout the day, increasing the chances of depression and anxiety and affecting personal relationships due to a lack of self-esteem.


If you insist on the bedroom light being off during sex, and allow your insecurities to control how you think your partner sees you, stop.


According to research, men and women view the perfect body type differently. While the majority of men in the survey felt a curvier frame on women to be more appealing, women thought the Victoria Secret model is what is sexy. Where women thought that a man who is average, neither too lean nor too muscular, to be a turn on. Men feel the chiseled torso and biceps of the Rock is what will satisfy a woman’s sexual needs.


The law of attraction and body type

Ideal body type

Male stereotypes fail to take into account what some may call commitment continuum. Most men in the research, were more likely to crave the attention of a woman because of her looks but a large number felt personality, intellect and a like mind were the characteristics of a partner.


Body type for women, did not influence the decision to enter into a relationship. Women were more likely to love a man for his honesty, ability to care for and raise a family and be career focused. Physical appearance only took things as far as the X-rated sessions lasted. Thereafter most woman wanted more.


The cover girl body type and male model torsos did little to influence both genders on falling in love.

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