Matilda the Musical at the Teatro - MonteCasino #DineAndShow

Matilda the Musical

Matilda the Musical at the Teatro MonteCasino

1 Nov 2018 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary


Matilda the Musical at MonteCasino

I fell in love with the theatre at a young age. Having studied drama in high school, I found my passion for the stage only growing stronger. I loved going to the theatre to watch international and local productions over the years.


South Africa has incredible arts and culture venues with amazing local talent gracing the stage. I consider myself privileged to have seen the award-winning Matilda the Musical at MonteCasino. The story of a young girl with an affinity for books gave me all the feels.


Inspired by the Roald Dahl book and put together by The Royal Shakespeare Company in association with Pieter Torien and GWB Entertainment, the multi-award-winning stage adaptation is sensational.


Matilda the Musical – A theatrical performance for the ages

I’m an old school dating enthusiast and I jumped at the opportunity of a theatre date night with my partner. A relic in the game of love, if you would, I believe you should never stop dating the person you’re with.


The story of a little girl born into a family who were not prepared to love and care for her, broke me. Matilda’s parents are despicable, selfish and monstrous. In comparison, she is an intelligent, socially aware and morally just character with so much heart and spirit.


Her charismatic on-stage presence captivated me and I gave into her strong voice and succumbed to every emotion she evoked. It’s a moving story, that is not aimed at a particular age group. But yes, your kids will love it. And you will too.


Strong characters. A villain of note. Conflict. Tear-jerking moments. The story is relatable and the production quality is unbelievable. My seat gave me a bird’s eye view of the stage and the orchestra set up beneath was outstanding to watch.


Never missing a beat, everything flowed in synchronicity. From costume to makeup, the choreography to the set, I cannot fault Matilda the Musical if I tried.


Dine and Show

MonteCasino has this incredible two for one deal where you have the option of dinner after the show at one of the fantastic restaurants. Beira Alta, a Portuguese restaurant of note, was selected for our date night evening.

A stunning restaurant, with an elegant air of classic but ultra-posh. I loved the gigantic collectors wine bottles that lined the walls. There’s a lounge that’s just off the main restaurant which is such a chill spot if all you want is a few cocktails and canapés.


What’s a Portuguese restaurant without piri-piri sauce? That’s like coffee with no cream. Beira Alta has the most magical saucy concoction this side of the Portuguese equator. Of course piri-piri grilled chicken is what every South African associates Portugal to but that’s not what you go to Beira Alta for.

Beira Alta starter

No. If ever you go please let it be to try the spicy chicken livers as a starter. I suggest the mixed starter platter to share. Chunks of chorizo, giblets, calamari and the most divine chicken livers on the planet. (Well to me anyway). That’s saying something because I do not eat chicken liver. Ever.

Beira Alta MonteCasino

Dinner was a seafood haven of perfect lemon-butter lobster, tiger prawns, queen prawns, calamari and line-fish. Everything drenched in the Beira Alta speciality piri-piri sauce. So good. If there’s one thing Portugal should be known for other than birthing Christian Ronaldo, it’s definitely the pride of the food culture the country is known for.


MonteCasino has it all

I’ve spent many a date night at MonteCasino this year and can I just say I plan on spending many more at this incredible venue. From the entertainment, to the fabulous bars, lounges and cuisine it’s everything this dating blogger looks for when choosing a night out with partner in tow.


I love the convenience, safety and endless possibility for a good night out. When booking the #DineAndShow please remember the tissues, I promise I was not the only one in the audience holding back sobs as the show reached its climax.


I’ve read that Matilda the Musical has received a multitude of accolades and maintains its sold out streak throughout the globe. It goes without saying that the theatre erupted with a standing ovation to all involved in this mind-blowing, two-hour theatre production. A truly memorable date night. A fun family night. An unforgettable night out.

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