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Tips for marketing yourself as a brand or business

8 February 2019 FINANCE

By Nomali Cele

The most important step in business, most would argue, is marketing yourself as a brand or business. See, it doesn’t matter how life-changing and brilliant your business is if nobody knows about it; if the right people don’t know about it. Marketing is important because once people know your service or product exists, it creates not only the opportunity for you to make money but the opportunity to improve your offering now that actual people will be using them.


So how do you go about marketing yourself as a brand or business? My Money and Me contributor, career coach and CEO of Hesed Consulting, Vumile Msweli shared a few tips with Thuli Magubane and the listeners.


Msweli suggests that when business people beginning to do work for marketing yourself as a brand or business, they first decide what it is that they want to be known for. Choosing your objectives will likely impact your values and the steps you take as you get started on this journey of brand building.

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Another point Msweli made is to do a brand audit. You already know where you want to take this business you’re building, why not reach out and find out what the current perception of your brand is? Learn what people associate with your brand or think it’s about as this can help spark ideas and help you craft the message you want to target at those people.


According to Vumile Msweli, another important aspect of figuring out marketing yourself as a brand or business involves finding what makes you, your business and ideas unique. The Unique Selling Point/Proposition (USP) is what will set your brand apart. Current USPs include whether products are locally sourced environmentally friendly and whether brands pay their employees well – this is something someone concerned with sustainability would be willing to pay just a little more for. When beginning marketing yourself as a brand or business, find your USP and make it part of your story.


Marketing yourself as a brand or business involves a lot of introspection but don’t fear it because the many tasks you undertake will help you refine and better understand your business before taking it to market. Understanding your business inside and out offers you a unique opportunity to either self-correct or stay true to your vision when trouble brews instead of blowing with the winds of popular opinions.


Listen below to more tips from Vumile Msweli and tune into My Money and Me every Tuesday from 8 to 9 PM as Thuli Magubane and her experts take you through personal finance, career and wealth creation.


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