Mandisa Mashego on the plight of women in South Africa

EFF’s Gauteng Chairperson Mandisa Mashego on the plight of women in SA


By Zuko Komisa

In here recent interview, Mandisa Mashego shared ultimate song selection on #MyTop10At10 with Tbose and spoke about her journey, depression as well as the plight of women in South Africa. Mandisa is the Economic Freedom Fighters, Gauteng Provincial Chairperson as well as Member of the Gauteng Provincial Legislature

On wrestling with Depression

She spoke about her experiences with depression and how she overcame it and her close encounter with almost committing suicide.

“I’ve had a bit of a history with depression, it’s one of the things I have managed to overcome… It’s a very real thing, it has such a complex nature that prayer is how you deal with it. Of course, you need other scientific interventions, you have to consult psychologists, you also need to read a lot, you need to empower yourself… Depression can easily overpower you. How you survive it is through a multifaceted approach, family support, and a good social network structure….”

The plight of women in South Africa

Mandisa shared her view on the plight of women in the country and spoke on the extreme levels of sexual violence against women in South Africa, saying it targets black women because black women are vulnerable.

“Black children and black girls are very vulnerable, they are the most vulnerable grouping and I am no exception and every black woman will tell you this…”

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She also affirmed that besides sexual violence, general violence against women is extreme stating that a state of emergency should be declared because of it.  She expressed her disappointment with the majority of politicians spending very little time on it after elections.

She also agreed that more needs to be done in sectors where black girls are underrepresented in the workspace.  “Often females are nurturers, are mothers, are caretakers, even the types of jobs we get given, even in corporates, we are marketing people, Public Relations…. of course there are many black chartered accountants, advocates, medical doctors, they are there of course, but all we are saying it’s just not enough.”

Listen to the full conversation here:

She shared the view that we need to correct where we put women in our society, echoing the sentiment that we are indeed a ticking time bomb.

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“If the status of women in any society or country is low, automatically that country is always either developing country, underdeveloped, or third world. It has hunger, it has unemployment, violence, conflict. Someone was saying how ripe South Africa is for civil conflict, something we should all worry about.”


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