Mam' Dorothy Masuka Wasn't Just Gifted, She Was Also A Political Force

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Mam’ Dorothy Masuka, the political juggernaut

27 Feb 2019 Kaya Tributes

Produced by Kagiso Mnisi

Next to her prowess as a seasoned vocalist and composer, Mam’ Dorothy Masuka’s life was that of an activist. Her song “Dr. Malan” — mentioning the brutal laws of then prime minister — became a source of contention and led to her banishment by Apartheid’s special branch force. Whilst exiled, she sought refuge in Zambia, Malawi and Kenya where she became a close confidant to some prominent African leaders, one such being Jomo Kenyatta. Music archivist and a personal friend, Rob Allingham looks back at what made Mam’ Dorothy Masuka a political juggernaut.


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