Make your budget stretch with Reward Programs Today

Make your budget stretch with Reward Programs

26 Mar 2019 LIFESTYLE

By Zuko Komisa

Consumers in South Africa are constantly looking for ways to use their money in ways that make it stretch as much as possible. Access to additional services. In most instances, loyalty programs make the quality of your life better.


According to 2018 Loyalty Programme Member Engagement Survey done by Eighty 20 and Tritech Media in 2018, today’s South African customers are smarter, more empowered and have more options to part with their hard-earned income than ever before. The survey which tested 26+ programmes out of over 100 in South Africa looked at membership penetration by sector as well which loyalty programs are winning in South Africa.

Benefits of Loyalty Programs:

  • Discounts, discounts, and more discounts
  • Access to additional services
  • Gets you closer to the service provider, allowing for easier feedback of products
  • In most instances, loyalty programs make the quality of your life better.

Zureida Ebrahim, CEO of client engagement solutions at Momentum spoke to Gugulethu Mfuphi about the state of loyalty programmes in SA. She says the health industry played a major role in the uptake of rewards programs over the years.

“It all started in the health industry with consumers wanting an outcome as opposed to a product. People didn’t just health cover, they wanted to be healthier, and they expect the insurer to play a role in this journey.’

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Though customer loyalty to a brand or service is based on a genuine emotional attachment, it matters that brands live up to their promise and make know all the terms and conditions of the perks.

Listen to the full conversation here:

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