Make the leap in your career through mentorship

Make the leap in your career through mentorship

21 Jan 2019 EDUCATION

By Zuko Komisa

Navigating your career path with ease requires that you become mindful of the importance of having a mentor.

What is the role of a mentor in my career?

In most cases, a mentor is there to help you excel in your career through guidance and support. Mentors are there when you find yourself in a new role to give you wisdom from their infinite knowledge in your field. They are great for bouncing ideas off of, giving you advice with possible scenarios when you’re faced with a problem and allowing you access to the much-needed networks you need to build your own career.

Here are a few things good mentors will do for you:

  • They will give you relevant information for where you are in your career.
  • They are able to nitpick your weaknesses and strength and direct you where it matters.
  • They are like a personal trainer but for your career with boundaries and goals that you need to reach and are accountable for.
  • They have walked the path you are on and steer you away from repeating mistakes they and their peers made.

If you are looking to increase your confidence in your career, to have someone in your corner that is a critical voice that unleashes your potential, getting a mentor is the best decision you can make for yourself.

Thuli Magubane recently spoke to career coach and CEO of Hesed Consulting Vumile to highlight the importance of mentorship, and how taking on mentors for the various aspects of our lives is vital for self-development.

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