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M-Net, Still Breathing on M-net

M-Net solidifies their “Local Thursdays” offering

11 Feb 2020 SHOWS

By Nomali Cele

M-Net recently launched their upcoming slate of programming and a big theme was a heavy presence of local programming. With Survivor South Africa entering its eighth season this year, the appetite for locally produced reality has been growing on the platform.

A themed night isn’t only going to affect Thursdays. According to Tracey-Ann van Rooyen, the Head of Acquisitions and Scheduling at M-Net, the goal for this year has been to schedule programmes in such a way that viewers set appointments with their television.

And there more related shows are scheduled together, more viewers are likely to keep their appointments with the TV guide and spend extended time viewing. Days will be themed as follows: Magic Mondays, Chicago Tuesdays, Action Wednesdays, Local Thursdays and Feel Good Weekends

M-net, local thursdays,

Survivor South Africa producers and host

So what do Local Thursdays, also considered date night days, have in store for viewers?

The Bachelor South Africa

Starting on 13 February, a new bachelor will begin the search for love. Marc Buckner is a 36-year-old model, actor and online trader from Cape Town who loves nature. His love of nature goes beyond just being in the great outdoors, it involves a keen interest in conservation and generally living green.

In his quest for love, Bachelor Marc Buckner will meet, date and get to know 22 women who will be living together in a mansion in Johannesburg North.

Tune in: 13 February 2020 at 7 PM


Still Breathing

From BBZ Productions comes a family drama spanning two generations. Writer and creator, Tiffany Barbuzano presents a tightly woven narrative of intertwined relationships, friendship, family and, ultimately, redemption.

The story is told by a diverse cast including Kate Liquorish, Tiffany Babuzano, Lorcia Khumalo, Nandi Nyembe, Brandon Auret, Fulu Mugovhani and more.

Tune in: 27 February 2020 at 8 PM

M-net, local thursdays,

Single Wives expert coaches Mapaseka Mokwele and Justin Cohen

Single Wives

Coming to M-Net for its first season, Single Wives South Africa is not a dating show. The show will feature six women who are believers in love and marriage but they are not going to meet a husband on the show. As per executive producer Relebogile Mabotja, “It’s not a competition, we focus on transformation.”

On the show, the women will work with expert coaches who will help them unpack their past relationship hiccups, issues and traumas. Whether or not they end up in marriages, the work done with the experts will help the participants better understand themselves.

Tune in: 4 June 2020 at 7 PM

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Survivor South Africa

The new season of Survivor South Africa will premier later in the year but will also sit in the “Local Thursdays” slot. According to executive producer, Handrie Basson, Immunity Island (the theme of the upcoming eighth season) will build on past success and what viewers have come to love about the local franchise.

Tune in: 27 August 2020 at 7 PM


Enjoy “Local Thursdays” on M-Net DSTV channel 101

Images courtesy of M-Net