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Lira on being on the groundbreaking Barbie & Shero’s campaign

9 Aug 2019 BEAUTY

By Zuko Komisa

Lira recently spoke to Macfarlane Moleli on Breakfast With David on being the latest female to be chosen on Barbie & Shero’s campaign, which is committed to highlighting and empowering role models as a key part of the Dream Gap Project which is about inspiring girls to continue believing that they can be anything.

Barbie & Shero’s

Lira became the first Africa women to have a Barbie Doll modeled in her likeness, This unique creation is part of Barbie & Shero’s campaign, which kicked off in 2015.

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Lira says she has always been conscious of the kind messages she sends out to other girls and feels affirmed by the choices she has made in her career.

“What’s really exciting for me about this is that it helps young girls find something they can relate to. Young girls can see themselves in a realistic way. Playing with a Barbie doll (as a child) was always about projecting your dreams to this doll, with the point being, you can be anything you want to be as a young girl. What’s important for me where it’s more amplified, is that even our natural hair is beautiful enough to be portrayed in such a global brand.”

On the process of the Lira Doll

Lira says growing up she never owned a Barbie doll however she inherited one eventually. On her trip, she says she absolutely marveled at the process they took in making the doll, saying they took absolute care with a lot of thought into the process. “What a huge honor, when I realized the magnitude of it all, I was really deeply honored that I was chosen… It’s really been a very beautiful process, I’ve been so grateful, it was so grateful to visit their design center in LA and see the process that goes into it, to meet everyone that was involved in the process of it all and how excited and passionate they were about what they do.”

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On her depiction of her hair

“They were so serious about getting this doll right, that they used their own new technology… to get as close to as close to realistic as possible, that just amplified the experience for me.”

Lira is the 50th icon chosen, in the Barbie & Shero’s campaign.

Listen to the full conversation here:

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