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Letters to Afropolitan women

By Motlagae Konyana Afropolitan women writes about their experiences in the journey of their lives,  […]


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Driven: Ford Ranger FX4 all round test

By Mxolisi Mhlongo The Ford Ranger has undoubtedly dominated the bakkie market in South Africa […]


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Kiddies guide for winter holidays

By Motlagae Konyana Children often get restless during the winter holidays. These are the perfect […]


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10 ways to save electricity at your house

By Motlagae Konyana Winter is here and we all want to snuggle up in front […]


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TIPS: How to stay motivated and love the gym this winter

By Motlagae Konyana Winter is here and the temperatures are dropping. Your drive to go […]


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Car Review: Jaguar Luxury Drive Experience

By Mxolisi Mhlongo  The Matsobane family won our Luxury Drive Experience to the Kaya FM […]


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Breaking through the buzz words – Wine And Whisky

By Motlagae Konyana Have you ever found yourself in an uncomfortable situation where the people […]


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What does your name mean?

By Motlagae Konyana African names form a pivotal role in our culture and tradition as they […]


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African Fabric: Angelina – Dashiki as a symbol of black culture

By Motlagae Konyana We all love our African fabrics and clothing. The bright colors, distinctive […]


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The origins of African fabric in Africa

By Motlagae Konyana African fabrics and prints are worn with pleasure and it is every […]