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By: Natasha Archary   We’ve all been there. As confident and gutsy as you may […]


no responses. 11/06/2018 Natasha

Winter date ideas to keep the flame flickering

By: Natasha Archary   Chick-flicks are unrealistic. Why, oh why do we fall for these […]


no responses. 08/06/2018 Zuko

Navigating the phases in your life with ease. #16Conversations

By Zuko Komisa The journey of life is one that sees us moving from one […]


no responses. 07/06/2018 Natasha

Flexible working: being office bound doesn’t increase productivity

By: Natasha Archary     The regular nine to five, Mondays through Fridays, have for […]


no responses. 06/06/2018 Natasha

Innovative date idea: Couples Thai massage

By: Natasha Archary     Six months into the year and I think it’s safe […]


no responses. 01/06/2018 Natasha

Bachelor/ette parties: What really goes down?

By: Natasha Archary     Who knows where this tradition of a “final hall pass” […]


no responses. 25/05/2018 Natasha

Different types of cheating decoded

By: Natasha Archary    Great! As if dealing with a partner who is physically cheating […]


no responses. 24/05/2018 Natasha

#KayaIsAfrica African jewellery and symbolism

By: Natasha Archary   If the beauty of Africa could be held in the palm […]


no responses. 09/05/2018 Natasha

Innovative date idea: Shark Cage Dive at UShaka Marine World

By: Natasha Archary    White tip reef shark    All my life I’ve been fascinated […]


How to stay outdoors as the temperatures drop, kaya online, Winter entertainment ideas, what to do in johannesburg in winter

no responses. 24/04/2018 Nomali

How to stay outdoors as the temperatures drop

By Nomali Cele Winter entertainment ideas From our wintry guide of the best cultural and […]


What to do in Johannesburg this Winter, turbine art fair

no responses. 13/04/2018 Nomali

What to do in Johannesburg this Winter

By Nomali Cele A wintry Johannesburg culture and lifestyle guide The temperatures are dropping and […]


no responses. 13/04/2018 Motlagae Konyana

BasslineLive: Tsepo Tshola brings down the house at Lyric Theatre

By Motlagae Konyana   “It’s great to love but it’s heavely to be loved”– Tsepo […]


no responses. 12/04/2018 Natasha

Innovative date idea: Rock climbing

By: Natasha Archary      I seriously hate uninspired dates. Coffee? Nah, spending an hour […]



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