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Reintegrating back into society #PostLockdown

By: Natasha Archary    We’re all doing our part to curb the spread of the […]



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Things we took for granted #PreLockdown

By: Natasha Archary    As I recount stories from my elders about “the good ol’ days,” I […]


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SAB Corporate: Zenzele B-BBEE scheme

The South African Breweries (SAB) wound down its decade long B-BBEE scheme, SAB Zenzele in April.


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Reopening of schools on 01 June has parents conflicted

By: Natasha Archary  Confusion reigns and social media rants flood timelines since the President’s address […]


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Locking down weight gain

By: Natasha Archary Did anyone factor in how much weight we’d be prone to during […]


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Celebrating Africa Day 2020 online with Worldwide Afro Network

Join us on 25 May to Celebrate Africa Day! Let’s engage ourselves in a collective reflection […]


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Homeschooling realities: The rantings of a working single mom

By: Natasha Archary  My social media feed is filled to the brim with happy families […]


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Love on lockdown

By: Natasha Archary I’ll admit, I have a one-track mind. And when crisis hit and […]


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Pre-pandemic life. How lockdown has changed for the average South African

By: Natasha Archary   We’re entering the 7th week of lockdown in South Africa, and […]


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Government to track your location to digitally map COVID-19 transmission

By: Natasha Archary What if we told you this wouldn’t be the first time GPS-based […]