Let your body heal itself with intermittent fasting as a healthy option

Let your body heal itself with intermittent fasting


By Zuko Komisa

Have you considered fasting? Does the thought of skipping your favorite daily meal not sit well with you? Fear not, as this age-old practice has been proven to have healing benefits. Let’s unpack how this could be the change you need for a healthier life.

The History Of Fasting

The practice of fasting goes back centuries and has been used by many people across the world. In Ancient Greece, the likes of Plato and his student Aristotle were devoted to the practice. Fasting has also been historically linked to religious practice and can be seen in Christian, Buddhist and Islamic faiths.

Many over the years have lauded the healing power of fasting, some even conceding that it helps with weight loss, increasing the mortality rate, improving memory, and best of all allowing ridding the body of toxins. It is no coincidence that it has become a time tested ancient tradition.

Why consider it?

The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. Fasting can give your body a break from digesting unhealthy foods, letting it fight the unwanted toxins while your body takes a break from its day to day functions. It’s like an internal body bath that leaves you lighter and healthier.

What to eat when fasting.

Only eat food sourced from nature, watery fruits and vegetables are perfect for this as they digest quickly and give your system more space to remove unwanted toxins. It’s important to steer clear of solids like grain, meat, and sweets as these stay longer in your system and in most instances remain undigested and stick to the stomach lining.

Be mindful of the food you eat. Take a car for an example, you don’t expect a petrol engine to work using parrafin right? Then why do we constantly consume food that doesn’t work for our bodies?
When undergoing this process follow these rules:

  • Most importantly, always check with your doctor or health practitioner before trying it out. Your health needs come first.
  • Ensure you keep the fasting periods short.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Break your fast if you don’t feel well
  • Follow your own pace, you know you body better than anyone else.

Try this practice in your road to complete health and peace of mind.

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