Land should be returned to the people not government- Traditional leaders

Land should be returned to the people not government- Traditional leaders


King Madzikane II of amaBhaca says land must be returned to the people who were dispossessed, not the government.

Madzikane was part of a panel discussion with advocate Ngcukaitobi, Author of the book The Land is Ours along  Lyn Apies from the Griqua Royal House, and Attorney from the Socio-Economic Rights Institute of South Africa Lindokuhle Mdabe.

The panel all agreed that South Africans have to know and understand the history behind the land debate.

Her highness Lyn Apies said the land issue in South Africa has been politicised. She said politicians are only looking at themselves, adding that the land belongs to people and traditional leaders are only custodians of such land. She said the South African government has made Khosan people programmes and projects for tourist attraction.
The conversation on land hosted by Kaya FM comes at a time when Parliament’s Constitutional Review Committee looking into amending Section 25 of the Constitution is holding public hearings around the country on the issue of land expropriation without compensation. Advocate Ngcukaitobi says the proposed amendment to the property clause is a misnomer. He says the issues at hand is “land, not the law”.
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Kaya FM Producer Zuko Komisa produced and directed a documentary looking at the history of Land Ownership in the Western Cape, Slavery, a share of ownership through a partnership with the community. We spoke to Professor Mark Solms, 6th generation part owner of Solms-Delta as well as the community members. Here is an extract of from the documentary.

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