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Workout essentials

Ladies workout essentials for comfort and form


By: Natasha Archary

Workout Essentials

Photo by Eduardo Romero from Pexels

 If there’s a lifelong lesson to be learnt from a global pandemic, it’s probably that health and wellness should not be taken lightly. After what seemed like forever in lockdown, many of us were grateful when gyms were reopened. It meant a reboot of our healthy lifestyles and a welcome kickstart to fitness regiments.


It also could have meant unwanted weight gain and dealing with the possibility that nothing fits. Getting back into a gym routine or picking up your daily runs when you feel uncomfortable can be demotivating. Here’s a guide to help you pick out workout gear that’s designed for comfort but that will give you the confidence boost you need to keep going.


Support bras

One of the biggest workout fitness faux pas, is that under garments are not an essential part of your workout. This could not be further from the truth. We tend to focus so much on “a look” that we neglect supporting the girls. Without a proper support bra, you put strain on your back during medium to rigorous routines, such as a cross-fit class, spinning, running and even yoga.


You don’t want your unsupported cleavage all over the place whilst getting in a workout and it’s important to get fitted so you know your correct bra size. This will help to select the support bra that will provide stability and comfort. Find a good sports store that has this service and ask for assistance if you’re unsure how to choose a support bra.


Stretchy sweatpants for the win

Raise your hand if like me you spent much of lockdown in yoga pants. I don’t blame you, they’re comfortable, lightweight and effortless. And if you have put on a few extra kgs, yoga pants/sweatpants are forgiving.


Browsing a few of the high-end sports stores recently, I was pleased that the style, colours and prints have progressed beyond basic black tights and leggings. It gives us more options and makes colour co-ordinating our workout wardrobes so much more fun. A woman can never have too many stretchy sweatpants in her closet.


Airy/mesh vests

Whoever the genius was who designed sport vests for woman, deserves some recognition and a huge pay raise. I cannot get through a run or workout without them. What’s more is that the sweat resistant fabric they’re made from, means that I never have to worry about feeling icky during my high intensity cardio hours.


Just because you break a sweat, doesn’t mean you have to spend the rest of your workout sticky and a hot mess. The mesh crops and box vests are my personal favourites, adding a touch of fleek to your overall workout look. I’d get one in each colour if I could, but a safe 5 should see you through your weekly workouts.


Sweatbands for the wrist and head

As a road runner, I can attest to nothing but wireless headsets and my house-keys on my person when I hit the road. A sweat towel just gets in the way during a run, and while it’s handy to have something to keep you sweat-free, it’s bulky and a loose item you need to keep track off.


This is why I prefer sweat wrist bands and a headband to keep sweat off you face and neck. Simply use the wristbands to wipe down your neck while the headband keeps sweat off your face.

Workout essentials

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Wireless/Bluetooth headsets

Whatever did we do before wireless ear-sets? It’s a must-have if you need to get in your zone and not feel like you’re plugged into the matrix during a workout. Headsets are also a good idea on your way to the gym to get you pumped up for a sweat session and your own playlist can help distract you from negative thoughts before or during a workout. Just make sure to charge the set well before you set out for your workout.


Correct footwear

Strain on the ankle and feet are common workout injuries, especially when first starting out. It’s important to get the correct footwear for the type of workout you’re going to be doing. If you are taking a studio class for example, expensive branded running shoes are not necessary. There are good quality, inexpensive studio footwear that provides support without breaking the budget.


As a runner, you’re only as strong as your footwear and this is the one time you should invest in a decent pair of runners. Something durable, lightweight and flexible to get the job done but that would also support your ankles and take a bit of shock from the traction. Some sports stores have a runner’s test before they fit you into the sneakers that were made for you. Whether you’re starting out or are a veteran, having a good pair of footwear can make all the difference to your run.


Now that you have the basics down, you should be able to simply add to your collection as you go. The point is to feel confident in functional workout gear, which will hopefully inspire you to see out your workout plan. Share your workout essentials with us by tweeting @KayaFM95dot using the hashtag #KayaOnline.

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