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Keeping the spark alive in your relationship

2 Nov 2018 FAMILY

By Motlagae Konyana

A moment of a romantic baecation can sometimes be hard to find – hidden among your day-to-day life of work, admin, chasing the MBA and changing your babies’ diapers. 

Go on a Romantic gateway:

Be it you are in a new relationship or you’ve been married for centuries, it’s pivotal to keep the romance alive and the fire burning. And sometimes to get that spark burning again, what it will take is a romantic baecation.  Spend time together in the bush, at a hotel with no network just to connect with each other and talk.

Spend time together

One way to keep the spark burning in your relationship is to find 15 minutes a day (it does get busy between chasing that aforementioned MBA and picking up the kids from tennis practice) to connect with each other, without any distractions. Commit this time to being fully focused on each other. Focusing on each other and connect shouldn’t just happen when you are on holiday, but every day. 

Be more intimate

Intimacy and sex are often confused as one and the same thing. They are not. Sexual intercourse generally happens in the bedroom, while intimacy is more the sense of being close to your partner – this happens everywhere else.  Be more intimate with your partner. Doing romantic things for each other can help and also elevate the connection between you two. Romantic gestures may differ from couple to couple – these may be based on each other’s love languages.  

Go on a date

This may sound easy and doable. However we often get in a rut and forget to date each other because of daily routine. The public holidays are great for dating. Take a walk together, go to your favorite restaurant or go for an ice cream, this creates a great chance to talk and cuddle up.

You can keep the spark burning by just being more aware and less stuck in your routine. Remember to still sweep her off her feet and to still express how you feel about him.

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