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Keep safe while on your run


By Motlagae Konyana

Road running has become more popular among women, like a lot of sporting codes safety is a prority.  Safety on the road is a concern not only for motorists but also for other road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and runners. It is important that the runner is in good physical condition when you go on the road. There have been a number of reported kidnappings, killings and injuries of joggers and cyclists in the last year.


Here are a few tips that could keep you safe while you are out for a run. Staying safe on the road while you jogging

Be seen and visible

Motorists are often distracted by their surroundings and might not see you immediately, so make sure you wear high-visibility clothing as well as reflective gear. Avoid wearing black and dark clothing when you go out for your run.Invest in a headlamp or an armband with a flashing light if you plan to run at night.


Never leave your home without communicating, sending a sms or leaving a note for your family about your whereabouts. Remember to add the time you left and a general idea of your intended route and distance.

Run towards the traffic

When you are jogging be sure to face oncoming traffic to give yourself adequate reaction time to oncoming cars while also increasing visibility.  Motorists will see you more clearly.

Turn down your music

A lot of runners run with earphones on listening to music, however it can also put you in danger as the headphones will limit your ability to hear approaching cars, particularly those travelling at high speed. Ensure that turn down the volume and only wear one earbud. Rather turn it down, take one earpiece out or leave the music at home.

Be careful and Alert

Be extra vigilant when approaching or passing driveways, parking lots, bars and bushy areas. When driving over a crest, motorists might struggle to see if the sun is shining in their eyes. Be extra mindful of cars when running up a hill.

As a runner, you need to look out for both vehicles and opportunistic criminals that rob you, avoid carrying a lot of valuable gadgets. Watch out for motorists, especially in the early hours of the morning, who could be coming back from partying, intoxicated or simply tired.

Think car

As much as cars need to be considerate towards runners, runners also need to be considerate towards cars.  Mind your manners, acknowledge a car politely if they give way to you and always be courteous.

Stay safe

If you run solo, take extra care by carrying a pepper spray. Hopefully, you won’t have to use it. Enjoy your run.


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