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Salads from side dish to main squeeze

Keep it light and healthy with filling, seasonal salads

19 Oct 2018 LIFESTYLE

By: Natasha Archary



Salad season is here. No, this isn’t going to be a mandatory “Get your Summer body” under construction post, which usually does its rounds just before bikini season. We believe that every body is bikini worthy. Instead, it’s all about dispelling the notion that salads are reserved for people watching the calories.


Yes, healthy is what we should be striving for. And salads usually get a bad rap for being soggy, bland and unsatisfying as a meal. But that’s about to change with our guide to seasonal yet filling salads for the whole family.


A salad a day

Who knows what the correct serving of fruit and vegetables are anymore? One minute something’s healthy and good for you. The next, we learn that avocados can cause liver damage and that breastfeeding moms should steer clear because they’re said to cause damage to the mammary glands.


One thing we do know is that the average South African eats a salad as a side and rarely considers a bowl of leafy greens a main meal. With the weather warming up, do you really want to spend time cooking up heavy mains or would you rather be outside soaking up the rays knowing supper is a few fresh greens away?


Changing the salad game

Try these balanced salads for an alternative to your lunch or dinner options:


Green Goddess pasta salad

Revamp your favourite pasta with this burst of Spring time flavour. For those watching the carb intake, breathe easy, you can substitute the starchy pasta with zucchini or buttnernut noodles.

Green Goddess Salad

Cooked pasta of your choice

Basil pesto(pre-bought because life is short)

A bunch of baby spinach

¼ green pepper

Sunflower seeds

Grilled chicken breast sliced


Toss, drizzle with olive oil and devour warm or at room temperature.


Salmon and couscous salad

This is a substantial meal, full of crisp goodness and strong flavours.

Salmon couscous salad

Salmon fillet, pan seared and lightly seasoned with black pepper and Himalayan salt

3 or 4 raddishes

Cooked couscous (submerge in hot water for a few minutes and run a fork through it)


Cherry tomatoes






The chopped veggies go into a big bowl with the cooked couscous. Season as you prefer, top with the salmon fillet and enjoy with a glass of your preferred wine.


Rib-eye steak and roasted red pepper salad

Succulent rib-eye steaks pack so much meaty flavour and you don’t want to over-power the beef so a balanced yet light salad is the aim.

Steak and pepper salad

Seared rib-eye seasoned with fresh black pepper and salt

Roast 2 red peppers in the oven, with olive oil and some salt

Steamed greenbeans

Butter lettuce


Balsamic vinegar

Arugula or rocket

Parmesan shavings


Layer the arugula on a plate as prettily as you can manage. The sliced medium rib-eye arranged atop. Allow the roasted peppers to cool slightly before dotting all over the plate, followed by the baby lettuce, avocado and parmesan shavings. Drizzle liberally with balsamic vinegar.



Play around with your favourite ingredients and see what works for you. Salads are no longer just side dishes, make a salad your main squeeze this Summer.

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